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Nowoczesne ujęcie ze szkolenia Master.AI - Midjourney

Introducing the Master.AI workshop training series - the best way for developers and product teams to master the potential of Artificial Intelligence. Using the latest developments in the world of AI/ML we will show you how to work more efficiently and effectively - all thanks to tools such as ChatGPT Plus, Midjourney, Github Copilot and much more.

Master.AI is a tailor-made AI training that will be held stationary at your office or online. Tell us about your team and we will show you how to use Artificial Intelligence in your daily work.

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Prompt Engineering Techniques

The most effective techniques for communicating with large language models based on examples from Your team's daily work

Sample topics:

  • Communication with language models

  • Techniques for effective prompting

  • Most important text operations

  • Limitations of language models

  • Costs control

  • Avoiding beginner mistakes

AI in Software Engineering

Cooperation with models during code review, pair programming and building integrations based on OpenAI API

Sample topics:

  • Quality Engineering theory

  • Semi-automated Code Review

  • Developing test scenarios

  • Managing formats and outputs from LLMs

  • Integrating AI with your app

  • Pricing and security concerns

Product Engineering

Using AI assistants to improve the quality of developed software - techniques to improve team and org-level collaboration

Sample topics:

  • Product Engineering tips

  • Leveraging language models

  • Brainstorming projektowy z AI

  • Biznes-plan z asystentem AI

  • Unikanie błędów poznawczych

  • Analiza danych i skuteczne data science

What participants say

See what elements of the Master.AI workshops have been highlighted so far by their participants

Hands-on practice
We work together on the theory learned in the training course
Friendly atmosphere
We take care to interact with workshop participants and respond to feedback
Solid theory
We prepare a substantive dose of knowledge updated on a regular basis
Training schedule
Variety in the training schedule to keep engagement and attention
We collaborate and overcome obstacles together to grow
Additional materials
After the workshop, we provide additional materials such as ebooks
Workshop trainer - Marcin Czarkowski Cards from practical assignments Board with training plan Workshop participants

For our customers

High quality addons

Additionally to provided services, we'll share high quality slides, prompts and ebook to help you master AI!

Prompt pack
Workshops participants receive high quality prompts that can be leveraged in the most common business scenarios.
Slide deck
Slides that we present during the workshop are shared with your org - you can review the whole content at any time you want.
Ebook - Safe AI
We provide you with an extensive ebook summarizing privacy policies of companies such as OpenAI, Google and Anthropic.
Staying in touch
We want to stay in touch with you - after the workshops our support line remains active and we're happy to answer more questions.

"I am pleased to say that the cooperation between our companies went professionally and I can recommend the Master.AI training as a practical and valuable form of expanding the competencies of a software engineering department."

Maciej Mendrela

Maciej Mendrela

Chief Technology Officer, edrone

"On behalf of emagine sp. z o. o. I would like to recognize the high quality of services provided as part of the Master.AI training, which was conducted for our programmers on September 6th, 2023 in Warsaw office."

Karolina Chabraszewska

Karolina Chabraszewska

Employer Branding Expert, emagine

"On behalf of Huuuge Games sp. z o. o. I would like to recognize the high quality of services provided as part of the Master.AI training"

Bartosz Durczak

Head of Product, Huuuge Games

Leverage the potential of Generative AI

The new wave of AI models is entering the mainstream - what can you gain with it?

Total volume of tasks perfomed by knowledge workers that could be delegated to AI
60% - 70%
Estimated productivity gains for programmers using AI-based tools and practices
20% - 45%
Time savings when working with Github Copilot and AI-based code completion

Sources: McKinsey, GitHub

Workshop Mentors

Artificial Intelligence helps us work more efficiently and effectively - we use AI daily in creating courses like Master JavaScript and on Przeprogramowani.pl

We discuss the most fascinating aspects of working with Artificial Intelligence on our YouTube channel, Przeprogramowani. We research intriguing studies and test how they work in practice. Our best practices are showcased in our in-person training series, Master.AI

  • Marcin Czarkowski - Zdjęcie profilowe

    Marcin Czarkowski

    Co-Founder, Lead Software Engineer

    Tech lead at SmartRecruiters and Skillveo, entrepreneur, and experienced trainer who has conducted training for hundreds of programming enthusiasts. Author of podcasts featuring the most interesting individuals in the IT industry.

  • Przemek Smyrdek - Zdjęcie profilowe

    Przemek Smyrdek

    Co-Founder, Engineering Manager

    Lead engineer and engineering manager at globally-reaching product companies like DAZN and Cabify. Author of training programs, courses, and podcasts promoting a broader perspective on programming.

Proven track record of successful collaborations

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Future Processing

No cost, pure value

Discover the world of AI through our informative videos


Hands-on GPT-4 introduction

Meet the most popular large language model (LLM) currently available, released by OpenAI. Its capabilities far surpass free models!


Integrate your product with OpenAI API

Learn how to integrate your solutions with OpenAI's API. From audio transcriptions to generating illustrations or conversing with assistants, it's all within reach.


Control LLM output via Function Calling

Conversations with LLMs using natural language have significantly lowered the entry barrier to the world of AI, but developers are looking for better response formatting.

Frequently Asked Questions

In what form does the training take place?

The training takes place remotely or on-site - we implement it in your office or in a predetermined location. We confirm the date and location at the time of signing the contract.

Can you conduct an online training?

If you can't gather all employees for the stationary training, we can conduct online training. We don't recommend a mixed trainig (few people stationary, few people online), as people online are at disadvantage.

How long does the training last?

The target training format is a full day, 8h workshop with our materials. The plan for the day is divided into an introduction, three practical blocks and breaks for participants.

Can the agenda and materials be customized for my company?

Yes - we prepare the target materials for the training after a free consultation, where we we get to know your expectations and needs of the training group.

Is this training exclusively for software engineers?

No - our training can be attended by programmers, but also by managers, designers, marketers or people who want to use AI tools in their product work.

How many people can participate in the training?

We provide training for groups of 10 to 30 people. The size of the training group affects the final valuation of the of the realized service.

How to sign up for training?

Make an appointment for a free consultation (below) or write a message to kontakt@przeprogramowani.pl - we will respond ASAP ;)

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Make an appointment for a free 30-minute consultation where together we will build a training plan for your team

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Workshops for IT
Training for your team in the areas of prompt engineering, working with off-the-shelf models and analyzing your business processes
Online training
Easily accessible materials to help you understand the potential of artificial intelligence and use new techniques for working with AI assistants
Technical consultation
Analyze the design and architecture to use artificial intelligence-based tools in the the best way
Security audits
Evaluate planned integration for secure use of large language and external models APIs